Great Things Consigned & Boutique 

consignment - Boutique 


  • Keep in mind our Consignment Schedule 

Jan - Feb  Spring
March - July  Summer
Aug - Sept Fall
Oct - November Winter

  • Bring your items freshly laundered or dry cleaned, on hangers, pressed or steamed, ready to sell.
  • A minimum of 6 items and a maximum of 20 are required to start an account.  
  • We pay at the end of the contract period.  If the amount owed is under $20 we highly suggest to bring in more items in order to build up your account and receive a check.  We do not process checks under $20.  You can also use any amount under $20 as a store credit to make a purchase.
  • Payments are only processed Tuesday -Thursday
  • Please note that GTC&B is not responsible for any missing, damage or stolen items.
  • After the end of your contract if you haven't retrieved your items, they become the property of GTC&B.